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              Expired/Off-spec Products
              This is an integrated solution targeted at the complete treatment and disposal of expired/scrapped products. By means of strict and complete procedures, the expired/scrapped products are completely disposed of, therefore effectively guaranteeing the disposal of the waste and protecting the intellectual property rights of relevant products and safeguarding the image of our customers.

              Five steps Our Service        The deliverable for our customers

              On-site waste inspection, verification and pre-treatment services
              Sealing tape and label

              Accurate and reliable traceability records


              Training and management of drivers
              Escorted by personnel of SCIP-SWS   滬ICP備12034963-1號 or the client

              Detailed supervision of goods flow


              Certificate of waste reception

              Timely information on waste
              disposal status(reception, disposal, etc.)


              Incinerated/destroyed immediately

              Timely processing, real-time communication


              Certificate of waste disposal

              High traceability