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              Laboratory Waste

              We, together with you, will carefully and safely manage the wastes from your laboratory.
              - Simplify the management process of wastes
              - Improve the classification and storage of wastes
              - Improve the sanitary and safety of the working environment

              Given the complex composition of laboratory waste, difficulty in selecting appropriate package and high transportation cost caused by limited storage space, the management of laboratory wastes is a difficult and time-consuming work. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has more than 90 years of experience in collecting and processing the wastes in Europe. Its “Safe & Convenient” laboratory waste treatment service is a tailored integrated solution for customers, which covers a “one-stop” service including the classification, packaging, collection, transportation and processing of laboratory wastes.

              We will provide you with specific collection containers, the material of which is compatible with the wastes and the various sizes of which will meet the requirements of your laboratory.

              Jerry-can Liquid waste 5L
              Liquid, toxic/contain a large amount of halogen, S,P
              Jerry-can Liquid waste 25L
              Normal acid/alkali/organic liquid

              Carton Solid waste
              Normal solid waste, i.e. gloves, paper

              JBucket Solid waste
              Sharp solid waste, i.e. broken glass, syringe needle chromatogram