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              Training and Talents program

              As an important advocate and participant in domestic environmental protection industry, the future development of SCIP SITA Waste Services is inseparable from the participation of numerous talents for the purpose of providing safe, reliable and efficient waste treatment services to our customers.

              In SCIP SITA Waste Services, we have devoted ourselves to building a rich learning working environment. We are providing continuous training and learning opportunities for our employees in various positions to satisfy their continuous self-improvement demand. The high personal qualities and splendid professional technical level of SCIP SITA Waste Services teams are also a solid foundation for the development of individual employees in the future.

              For the purposes of maintaining consistent leadership in the industry and promoting its rapid and stable development in the future, SCIP SITA Waste Services is extremely attentive to the development of its employees and is continuously improving its training scheme and career development programs. SCIP SITA Waste Services is currently setting up a talent pool program to this effect, for the employee with the highest potential.

              Employees are the root of the company, and talents are the “engine” of its development. In SCIP SITA Waste Services, we pay special attention to the high performance and creative spirit of our employees, which is also the key of our continuous success. We are not only recruiting professional talents specialized in chemical engineering, mechanics and management, but also in urgent need of talents who are capable of constant pioneering innovation in their own professional fields.

              With this initial understanding of SCIP SITA Waste Services, please check the current Job vacancy of our company.

              You could also directly contact us to know more recruitment information. Your accession shall be warmly welcomed by SCIP SITA Waste Services.