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              Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) Located in the South wing of Shanghai (the junction of Jinshan District and Fengxian District, 50 kilometers away from downtown) and with a planned area of 29.4km2, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is one of the largest domestic industrial projects invested during the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period, with A4 Expressway connecting downtown and Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway Network. It is both the first professional development park mainly specialized in petroleum and fine chemical industries since China's reform and opening up to outside world and the South Center of the six largest industry bases of China, with the total investment of its first phase project reaching as high as 150 billion Yuan. After completion the value of industrial output of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park will reach 100 billion Yuan, and it is praised as the “New Wings for the Industrial Take-off of Shanghai”.

              The construction and development of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has introduced the advanced “Integration” concept of world-class large-scale chemical industry parks and fully integrated product projects, public auxiliary facilities, logistics transmission, environment protection and management services within the park, and could provide optimal investment environment for investors entering the park. Currently, world-famous companies have already settled in the park, such as multinational corporations like UK Petrochemical Engineering, BASF (Germany), Bayer (Germany), Evonik (Germany), Huntsman (US), Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (Japan) and Mitsui (Japan) and public works companies like SUEZ , Royal Vopak (Netherlands), Air Liquide Group (France) and Praxair (American). It is the construction object of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park to become one of the largest, most concentrated and world-class petrochemical industry bases at the highest level in Asia.

              SUEZ SUEZ (Paris: SEV, Brussels: SEVB) supplies drinking water to 92 million people, delivers wastewater treatment services to 65 million, collects waste produced by almost 50 million people, recovers 14 million tons of waste each year and produces 5,138 GWh of local and renewable energy. With 80,990 employees, SUEZ , which is present on all five continents, is a key player in the sustainable management of resources.
              Since entering into China 40 years ago, SUEZ has been always active in China through its subsidiaries, including Macao Water and Sino French Water, which manages water business. As a public utilities service provider, SUEZ is fully committed to being part of China’s economic growth by investing in, and bringing its technology and management expertise to China. SUEZ ’s business lines in the water and waste cycles are the ones that will help maintain harmonious and sustainable growth, shape a future of unlimited resources